Ways to Increase Your Website Ranking

In-spite of a great business idea, the website is not following the eyes of the customer. Yes, their are other factors as well of which you should take care, which can help you increase your website ranking, are mentioned here:

1) Linking– The purpose of linking, you want to do, must be decided first. The content must be abundant , it should cover a huge customer search, also must be good and relevant . Every page of the website must be linked with each other, also go for external linking of the popular page of the website.  For more about linking read  The Seven Commandments of Internal Linking. (try to link with the website Kissmetrics)
2) Fast loading–  The customer sitting next to the electronic device cant wait for a longer time for the site to be open. He/ she can reload it once twice or thrice but ultimately the site is at the fault. You must improve the speed of the website. Try to optimize your photos and videos for the web. Before that you must check the speed of your website at Pingdom).

3) Changes are necessary– Updating your website is as important as other factors. so adding content make a huge difference. but be careful the material you are updating must me relevant, SEO is a double sword weapon which increase the traffic to your website when it is relevant and can decrease it when its of no importance.

4) optimize your website design– Creating a perfect design which fits to phones and desktop are not difficult. Generally the content on the desktop is too large for the mobiles, so optimize accordingly, as most of the user try to open sites on their handy cellphones.

Here is some checklist which help you optimize your website design.
   a) Keep your site lightweight as possible.
   b) Decrease the pixels of image and the quality of the video.
   c) Simplify the touch buttons
   d) Show relevant content
   e) Coding- the web development

5)Be socially active on the sites– There are many social sites where you can post your blog. It helps building a social network, will increase the traffic to your website. Post blogs, Bookmark your site add ads to other sites, just try to spread your social plexus.

A few simple things and your website on the top but yes you have to gotta wait, this all need time to get visible, Not a magic wand will do this over night.

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