Best Practices for SEO

Best Practices for SEO

In these days online marketing has become a worldwide boom for every e commerce or related firm, to market online one must have a website for their goods or services that they provide, and then it is a mandate thing to optimize the site to rank higher on search engine result pages. Now here comes the need for SEO(search engine optimization), sounds a bit tricky however it’s all to rank higher on search engines. Here are 10 best methods for doing seo for your site and reach higher rankings without paying a penny.

1. Planning the content
Content planning is the very first thing a website holder must do for seo. you need to plan the content accordingly that is going to display on your site.

2. Keyword Research
Researching the main keyword and other focus keywords according to the requirements plays a huge role in putting your site on no.1

3. Title for Blog Post
A good title for Blog post is important to improve search rankings as it makes users to click on your article. Putting focus keyword in title increases relevancy.

4. Create Internal Linkings
By internal linkings you allow new readers to check out your old relevant posts. It will gonna boost up results for the efforts you are putting on ON-PAGE seo.

5. Images and Videos
Images and Videos are more attractive than plain text. it will going to hold the viewer for longer on your site.So it is advised to add static as well as dynamic graphics to the site.

6. Building Backlinks
Backlinks from reputed and relevant sites increases authenticity. Backlinking boosts up OFF Page seo results.

7. Image optimization
Each and every image in the site must be of proper size and have a proper descriptive filename.

8. Loading speed
Sites’s loading speed is one of the most important factors in search rankings. Sites with slow loading speed are considered as low quality sites by search engines.

9. Unique Content
The site must have unique content with good user experience. Any site with content duplicacy will never going to rank on search engines.

10. Devices Optimization
The website should be optimized according to the devices used by viewers. It should be mobile friendly. If not optimized, the viewer will not going to sustain on your site for long.

Therefore by doing above practices, the chances to rank high on search engine result pages will increase and it will get more clicks. You don’t even need to pay for ads and would be able to beat competition.

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